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                   Our Approach

More than 1500 students are connected with our site on Facebook, also students are connected with our site through Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin & Google plus. Our genuine & correct articles, make the site different from others. Today, Lesoponablog is one of the good Civil engineering sites & blogs.

                      My Story

I had enough money for my wishes because my father was a government employee. But after the working of the last 6 years, they got retired and I was still studying, I felt lack of money for my needs. I wanted to earn side income. So, I purchased domain and WordPress website. Today I am earning and, Thousands of Civil engineering students are connected with my site, from all over the world.

The man behind Lesoponablog

Hi, I am Ishtiyaque Ahmad. I have completed my course in engineering. Today I am a Civil engineer. I have made this website to help the students in the line of education & knowledge. With the help of our site, students can learn and can clear their concepts in the line of education. You can clear your concepts in the line of Civil engineering. After the reading of our articles, you can learn & grow.

                        Ishtiyaque Ahmad

 Civil engineer

Studied in Jharkhand Rai University


                        [email protected]